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• Liquid Industrial Waste Stakeholder Workgroup

• Gage Products Company Limited Storage Facility Draft Operating License Information

• Former Warner-Lambert Company LLC Site Corrective Action Information

• Former Chrysler Scio Township Site Corrective Action Information

• Michigan State University Waste Storage Facility Hazardous Waste Management Facility Operating License for Expansion Information

• Midland Area Soils Work Plan - Submitted May 25, 2012, Approved June 1, 2012

• DuPont-Montague Facility Corrective Action Information

• Liquid Industrial Waste Codes PDF icon

• Explosives or Munitions Emergency Response - Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) PDF icon

• Dow Midland Plant and Salzburg Landfill Hazardous Waste Management Facility Operating License Information

• Hazardous Waste Program Policies and Procedures

• Hazardous Waste (Biennial) Reporting

• Uniform Manifest Information

• Archive of Information Related to Dow's Offsite Corrective Action

• Michigan Background Soil Survey (July 2005) PDF icon

• Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) FY2014 Work Plan PDF icon

• RCRA Voluntary Corrective Action Agreement Model

• EPA and DEQ November 3, 2000 Memorandum of Understanding and March 7, 2002 Technical Agreements on Corrective Action

• Hazardous Waste User Charges and Invoice Packets

• Closure and Corrective Action

• Common Waste Generator Violations

• General Documents

• Disposal of Hazardous and Liquid Industrial Waste Types

• Spill Protection and Reporting

• Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities

• Generators

Laws and Rules

• Delegation Letters

• Statutes and Rules

Online Services

• Waste Data System (WDS)

Quick Links
 •  Contact Information for Hazardous Waste Management
 •  Groundwater Not In An Aquifer PDF icon
 •  Waste Compliance & Enforcement
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