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    • Michigan Historical Museum’s summer Dig Campers excavate carefully to avoid damaging artifacts. Youngsters learn the basics of archaeology at Dig Camp Kids dig digging. So the Michigan Historical Museum gave a number of them the opportunity to spend a week hanging out with professional diggers. No, not heavy equipment operators or agricultural workers. Archaeologists. The museum, located in downtown Lansing, put on a pair of "Dig Camps" this summer - weeklong plunges into the world of archaeology, where youngsters learned about what archaeologists do, and don't do.
    • Devils Lake anglers Mark and Steve Dubuc chat with DNR creel clerk Shawn Spilak. DNR creel clerks collect angler data to aid in fisheries management Department of Natural Resources fisheries managers depend on data when deciding where to stock fish and when setting fishing regulations. Over the years, they've found that one of the best sources of fisheries data is the anglers themselves. Since 1985, the DNR has conducted a regular creel census at many of the state's most popular fishing locations, finding out what anglers are doing.
    • Explorer Guide Mike Latus enthralls campers with fireside storytelling at Warren Dunes State Park. Explorer Guides educate and entertain at Michigan state parks Explorer Guide, one of an army of Department of Natural Resources employees who educate and entertain visitors at 43 state parks in Michigan. Always popular with state park visitors, the Explorer programs are increasingly being regularly attended by local residents as well. For a list of state parks with Explorer programs and scheduled events, visit


    • Michiganology Michiganology creates the opportunity to live out your Michigan pride by owning unique merchandise made from vintage images at the Michigan Historical Center.
    • DNR Segments from Q1 Buck Pole These short video segments from the Q1 Buck Pole television show cover a variety of DNR initiatives and other natural resources topics of interest.
    • Explore Bowhunting A video about youth involvement in Michigan bowhunting.
    • Shields of Gold: DNR Conservation Officers This video montage, set to music, illustrates the work DNR conservation officers perform in the course of protecting Michigan's natural resources and environment.



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  • Brad Wurfel: DEQ