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About White-nose Syndrome

• Map of White-nose Syndrome (WNS) Occurrence by County/District PDF icon

• White-nose Syndrome Response Plan PDF icon

• Report Unusual Bat Behavior and Deaths Click here to report large numbers of bats found dead or bats exhibiting unusual behavior.

• Description Learn more about WNS and how it affects bats.

• History & Distribution First identified in New York in 2006, WNS has since been identified in nearby states and Canadian provinces.

• Transmission & Development WNS is passed by bat-to-bat contact and may be moved between caves by bats and humans.

• Pathology & Diagnosis WNS causes bats to lose body fat and condition during hibernation.

• Prevention & Control Restricting human access to caves and mines appears to be the best and most practical control strategy at present time.

• Significance WNS is causing unprecedented mortality in bats with over a million bats lost.

• Map of Potential Bat Hibernacula in Michigan

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