Michigan Reads! 2009

  • The Pout-Pout Fish book coverThe Pout-Pout Fish

    The Pout-Pout Fish introduces a fish with a pouty mouth and a gloomy attitude. His ocean-dwelling friends try to cheer him, but he resists their efforts, claiming "I'm a pout-pout fish/With a pout-pout face/So I spread the dreary-wearies/All over the place." Eventually, one special friend helps the Pout-Pout Fish turn his "dreary wearies" into "cheery-cheeries." A Time Magazine's Top 10 Children's Books of 2008, the book's "...winning artwork...ooze personality" (Kirkus Reviews).

Author and Illustrator

  • Author Deborah Diesen

    Deborah Diesen Deborah Diesen grew up in Midland, Michigan and developed an interest in writing early on. A librarian currently working as a financial manager for a small non-profit, her true joy comes from writing for children. Diesen and her family live in Grand Ledge, Michigan. Her books continue to be popular and important for children's literacy.

  • Illustrator Dan Hanna Dan Hanna has over 10 years of experience in the animation industry. His work has appeared on BBC America and The Cartoon Network. For the last few years he has been a writer/illustrator extraordinaire of picture books.