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Michigan's Concealed Pistol Law

• MCOLES Certified CPL Training Programs View a list of CPL training programs certified by MCOLES....

• MCOLES and the CPL Law The Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) is responsible for certifying firearm instructors and instructional programs for the purpose of providing pistol safety training to CPL applicants as required in Public Act 381 of 2000.

• Michigan's Concealed Pistol Law (CPL): Frequently Asked Questions P.A. 381

• Office of the Attorney General and CCW Laws

• Michigan State Police, Dealing with Concealed Weapons

• Michigan's Civilian Carrying a Concealed Pistol Legal Overview (Video) View and/or download the video.

Licensed Private Security Police Officers

• Licensed Private Security Police Officers Act Public Act 330 of 1968

Speed Measurement Standards

• Michigan Speed Measurement Standards

• Speed Measurement Standards PDF icon

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