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Energy Efficient Mortgages

What is an energy efficient mortgage?


An energy efficient mortgage allows the buyer to get an "income stretch," i.e. the lender can increase the debt-to-income ratio. With an energy efficient mortgage, the home buyer is able to buy "more house," while having lower payments because the energy cost savings are greater than the increases in the mortgage payment. Energy efficient mortgages are sponsored by the Federal Housing Administration, the Veterans Administration, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. To locate a FHA approved lender visit:

An energy improvement mortgage is a type of energy efficient mortgage that finances cost-effective improvements in an existing home. The total expended is rolled into the mortgage loan.


Find an Energy Efficient Mortgage Provider Near You:

Security Mortgage Corporation                                       
2220 E. Michigan Ave. Suite 103                                      
Lansing, MI 48912                                                           
Phone: (517) 853-0148                                                     
Contact: Norm Ferrier
Email: or

Bank of America
40 Pearl St Northwest
Grand Rapids, MI 49501
Phone: 616-262-5963
Contact; Bob Storrer

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