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The Michigan Energy Office promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy development to Michigan's residents, businesses and public institutions. Program activities are designed to encourage the use of new technologies and alternative fuels in buildings, industrial processes, vehicles and power generation. Program objectives are advanced through a variety of services, including information dissemination, technical and financial assistance and demonstration projects. The primary funding source for Michigan Energy Office activities is the U.S. Department of Energy. 
** Please note: For issues related to your utility provider service, please contact the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC).**

Michigan Energy Office Staff Directory 

Jackson, Robert

Deputy Director,
EERE Loan Fund & Industrial Programs Manager

(517) 373-2731 

Patrick, Jan

Conservation Section

(517) 241-6153 

Doherty, Roger

Technical Strategic Services and Building Codes

(517) 241-6224 

Dowker, Joann

Better Buildings for MI Coordinator

(517) 335-2715

Graff, Michael

Energy Efficiency

(517) 335-6501 

Howard, Tania

Renewable Energy Program Coordinator

(517) 241-6223 

Matthews, Cody

Renewable Energy Program Student Assistant

(517) 335-2153 

Novak, Terri

AgriEnergy and Business Development

(517) 930-3170 

Shireman, Tim

MI Clean Cities, and Rebuild Michigan Program 

(517) 241-6281

Thomas, Mathew

Public and Commercial Buildings

(517) 241-8235

Wieber, Karen 

Community Development

(517) 335-3756


MIchigan Energy Office Mailing Address

Michigan Energy Office
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
300 N. Washington Square
Lansing, MI 48913 
Fax: (517) 241-6229

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