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• The Pupil Transportation Unit is governed by the Pupil Transportation Act of 1990. (Sections 257.1801-257.1877 of the Michigan Compiled Laws).The Unit's major activities include administering the distribution of training funds in Section 74 of the State Aid Act (MCL 388.1674) for basic school bus driver safety education and continuing education courses, and providing assistance to school districts, parents, legislators and others on pupil transportation issues.

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What's New?

• Federal School Bus Safety- Final Rule

• Bus Recall After July 2006

• Seat Belt Information for School Buses From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Traffic Safety Seat Belts on Buses - May 2006

• School Bus Safety Tips PDF icon Tips for Motorists, Parents, Educators, and Students

• Frequently Asked Questions

School Bus Driver Medical Examination

• Insulin Dependent School Bus Drivers - Motor Carrier Safety Appeal Board - Medical Waiver Process

• Insulin Dependent - New School Bus Driver Waiver Procedure

• Medical Examination Report PDF icon

• Physical Qualifications for Drivers PDF icon

• Instructions to the Medical Examiner PDF icon

• Medical Examiner's Certificate PDF icon

• Procedure for Continued Certification of Insulin-Diabetic School Bus Drivers PDF icon

• Questions and Answers PDF icon


• Beginning School Bus Driver Curriculum

• Supervisor Continuing Education Class Resources 2012-2014

• Continuing School Bus Driver Safety Education Program for 2011-2013 PDF icon

• Continuing School Bus Driver Safety Education Program for 2013-2015 PDF icon

• Continuing School Bus Driver Safety Education Program for 2015-2017 PDF icon

• Developing an Action Management Plan PDF icon

• Train the Trainer PDF icon

Advisory Practices and Guidelines

• Backing School Buses PDF icon

• Introduction PDF icon

• Pre-Trip Inspection PDF icon

• School Bus Evacuation Drills PDF icon

• Advertising Inside School Buses PDF icon

• End of Route Student Checks PDF icon

• Global Positioning Systems PDF icon

• Pre-school Child Restraint Systems PDF icon

• School Bus Emissions/Idling PDF icon

• School Bus Technician and Mechanic Qualifications PDF icon

• School Bus Maintenance PDF icon

Laws Related to Pupil Transportation

• Pupil Transportation Act 187

• Section 74 from the State School Aid Act

• Revised School Code Act 451 See MCL 380.1321 - MCL 380.1325

Forms and Publications

• Daily Pre-Trip School Bus Inspection Form - Sample DOC icon (May be modified to meet the needs of local pupil transportation providers.)

• Pupil Transportation Identification Report PDF icon

• FMVSS Applicable to School Buses PDF icon School Bus Manufacturers Technical Council, January 2004

• Michigan Commercial Driver License Manual PDF icon

• School Bus Accident Report FormThis form is no longer required due to the August 15, 2006 repeal of 257.1863.

Related Resources

• CDL Self Certification and Medical Certification Training Video

• Transportation Expenditure Report SE-4094

• Adult Crossing Guard Information

• Michigan Association for Pupil Transportation

• Michigan School Business Officials

• Secretary of State - Driver and Vehicle

• Michigan Education Information System (MEIS)

• School Bus Inspection Program

• School Bus Inspection Manual - Revised 2013 PDF icon

• School Transportation, Charging Fees, and MDOT Certification PDF icon

• Websites in Support of Pupil Transportation PDF icon

Pupil Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC)

• PTAC Meeting Minutes June 5, 2014 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes February 6, 2014 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes October 10, 2013 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes June 6, 2013 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes February 14, 2013 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes October 4, 2012 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes June 7, 2012 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes February 16, 2012 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes October 6, 2011 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes June 9, 2011 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes February 17, 2011 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes October 7, 2010 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes June 10, 2010 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes February 11, 2010 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes October 8, 2009 DOC icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes June 11, 2009 DOC icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes April 2, 2009 DOC icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes October 2, 2008 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes June 12, 2008 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes March 6, 2008 PDF icon

• PTAC Meeting Minutes October 25, 2007 PDF icon

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