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  Highway Advertising Signs
  What is Highway Advertising (also referred to as Outdoor Advertising)?
  How do I get a permit for a sign/billboard along the highway?
  What special sign programs are available to businesses that serve travelers and tourists?
  Are there any exemptions for certain signs?
  What is an interim permit?
  If I hold a permit, what is the process to apply for a new location?
  What do I need to do to cut or trim trees or shrubs in front of my sign?
  Can I submit an application or renew my permits online?
  What are the zoning requirements to erect a sign?
  What are the spacing requirements?
  What happens if I am not approved for a permit?
  What do I do with my permit after I am approved?
  How much does a permit cost?
  When does a permit expire?
  What is the process for renewing a permit?
  If I sell my sign, how can I transfer the permits?
  What happens if I need to remove my sign?

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