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Radiological Emergency Information for the Public

the sun's radiationRadiation is all around us. We are exposed to small amounts of radiation everyday. We rely on medical and dental x-rays to make health diagnoses. Radiation is used as a medical treatment for some illnesses. Some natural sources of radiation, like the sun and radon, are of concern because they can cause cancer.

Nuclear power plants provide electricity to some of Michigan's communities. The power plants and other facilities that use radiation as part of their daily activities have many safeguards in place to protect the public from exposure to radiation.

An accident or a terrorist attack involving radiological or nuclear material could expose people to very small or very large amounts of radiation. Learn more about radiation, its risks and how to protect yourself and your family from exposure in this section ...

Click here for: information about how the public should respond to radiological emergencies
Click here for: information about Nuclear Power Plants
Click here for: information about Regulation of Medical Radiological Materials

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