Master Plan
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  • Idlewild Vision Statement for 2012
  • Revitalilzing IdlewildThe plan is simply this, to collaborate with the community of Idlewild to identify the scope of renovations needed and move the community toward economic growth and stability. Idlewild is still the largest African-American resort community in the United States, and the State of Michigan finds great cultural and historical value in preserving the area. Eighteen State agencies have partnered with the community of Idlewild to make a dream a reality and have Idlewild rise again. These web pages are documentation of the plans, the process and the accomplishments we make toward revitalizing Idlewild.
  • The National Resource Team's Cultural Economic Development Readiness Initiative for Idlewild
  • Skid Pier and Boat Launch Repair As a part of the Governor's Idlewild Transformation Initiative, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has repaired the skid pier and boat launch.
  • Boat Launch SiteDNR Parks and Recreation Division staff met with community residents to discuss the boat launch and lake (Williams and Paradise) concerns. Residents were encouraged provide the DNR with a written copy of all of the displays and verbal requests regarding the lake and launch areas. Residents were directed to other state agencies such as DEQ when appropriate. Staff offered to help facilitate processes such as buoy placement and speed/wake restrictions. DNR staff also presented possible design changes to the existing launch area which would increase safety and allow for designated parking. Future discussions may include upgrades such as grading and signage provided by the DNR, training sessions for volunteers to maintain the facilities, reassignment of maintenance duties through an MOU, and developing the launch area on the south side of Lake Idlewild. 1/5/07
  • Grant Conversion ResolutionOne of the 2 land conversion issues relating to past MDNR Natural Resource Trust Fund Grants was resolved. This will allow Yates Township to move forward with future grant applications. 1/5/07
  • DNR Grants Information SessionDNR Grants Information Session In preparation for future grant applications, residents received an overview and information regarding DNR grants and funding opportunities. They received copies of applications, lists of grants available, copies of recreation plans of similar agencies, and lists of 2006 approved grants. 12/29/06
  • State Property Clean-up PDF iconState department employees joined with the Idlewild to clean up state lands in and around the community. Fall 2006.
  • Idlewild Web Site The State of Michigan has created this official Idlewild web site to document and track the plans, projects and accomplishments of the Idlewild revitalization team.
  • Cultural Economic Development Readiness Initiative
    National Resource Team Final Report on Idlewild PDF icon
    The National Resource Team (NRT) applauds the Idlewild community for simply holding on to the land known as Idlewild. At approximately 3,000 acres, it is the largest land based historically African American resort ever assembled in the United States. Idlewild is one of the six most complete African American resorts remaining in America. It is a rare and valuable national resource with physical and cultural significance.