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  • Robbie Ivey, a boy in a wheelchair in the woods, smiling, wearing orange vest, with a bear he took.Providing better opportunities for hunters with disabilities Thanks to the efforts of the DNR, its employees and plenty of volunteers and dedicated partners, people with disabilities who want to hunt are getting more opportunities than before. Many DNR employees have a passion for the outdoors and a strong desire to serve people with disabilities. That service takes the form of ad hoc volunteer efforts, and a number of programs aimed specifically at people with disabilities, including programs such as Michigan Operation Freedom Outdoors.
  • Lt. Steve Burton oversees the operation of dispatchers manning the RAP (Report All Poaching) Line.Report All Poaching hotline helps connect conservation officers with the public The RAP (Report All Poaching) Room is staffed 24/7 by as many as seven personnel at a time. It is the main link between the public and the DNR's Law Enforcement Division. The RAP Room dispatchers play a vital role in Michigan's natural resources protection team.
  • grilled venison on breadGet the most out of your wild game: Use recipes and techniques designed for venison Whether a deer hunter is motivated by filling the freezer, bagging a trophy, or just doing their part to help manage the state's deer population while enjoying the tradition of hunting each fall, those who are successful all have one thing in common: going home with many pounds of fresh venison that can be prepared and enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Michigan wild game chef Dan Nelson offers some tips for preparing venison and other game meats.

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