Michigan's Great Outdoors

  • Fort Holmes, August 16, 2015 dedication of the reconstruction Fort Holmes

    The fort was constructed by British soldiers during the War of 1812. Using the original plans for the fort housed in the National Archives, the Mackinac State Historic Parks has reconstructed the fort walls and blockhouse. Dedication of the new structure was held Aug. 16, 2015.

  • Trails We have our everyday roads that take us to the places we have to be. But when we take a trail, we know we're headed for someplace extraordinary. The trails of Michigan are waiting to take us away. So let's pack up and take on the trails of Pure Michigan.
  • Pet-Friendly Opportunities in Michigan State Parks

    The Michigan DNR welcomes you and your pets to enjoy parks, trails and harbors together.

Highlighted Stories

  • Roy Beasley, DNR Fisheries Division boat captain, takes aim while bowfishing on Lake Erie. Bowfishing - combining two pastimes into one sport

    A growing number of sportsmen and women like to combine hunting and fishing, using bows and arrows to take a wide variety of fish, including many that are generally not targeted by hook-and-line anglers. Of the five state records that have been set so far this year, three of them – a blackmouth buffalo and two quillback carpsuckers – were taken bowfishing. In the last two years, six state standards have been set by bowfishermen.

  • Instructor and Academy of Natural Resources participants standing in river in waders. Academy of Natural Resources teaches teachers how to bring Michigan's woods, water and wildlife into the classroom

    For the last eight years, the Academy of Natural Resources – the Department of Natural Resources’ conservation education program for educators – has been bringing teachers to the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center at Higgins Lake for a crash course on natural resources. The program is designed to help teachers incorporate the concepts of resource management into their lessons.

  • Two young boys peer get a closer look at the fish swimming in the Outdoor Adventure Center aquarium Outdoor Adventure Center open for business - and fun - in Detroit

    Almost 10 years since its initial vision and after more than five years of construction, the Department of Natural Resources’ Outdoor Adventure Center in downtown Detroit is open for visitors. Located in the historic Globe building, the Outdoor Adventure Center is a combination education and recreation facility, built with a goal of bringing “up north” to downtown. But the facility also highlights how important Detroit is to Michigan and its natural resources.