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  Collections/Delinquent Accounts
  I would like to set up an installment agreement on a bankruptcy account.
  Why am I receiving billings while I am in bankruptcy?
  Why did Treasury keep my income tax refund when I'm in bankruptcy?
  How do I request a penalty waiver?
  Will Treasury accept an Offer in Compromise?
  Will you take my income tax refunds and vendor payments?
  What is a Notice of State Tax Lien?
  What does a tax lien do?
  Why did I get this bill?
  Why am I being held responsible for a corporation's debt?
  I want to talk to someone in person about my bill.
  What should I do if I cannot pay my debt in full?
  Where do I send my payment?
  What is the physical address of the Treasury Building for overnight and Federal Express mail delivery?
  What is the Michigan Accounts Receivable Collection System (MARCS) and why do I have to deal with them?
  What is the difference between a lien, a levy and a warrant?
  Why did you place a tax lien on my property?
  I paid this debt but it is still showing up on my credit report.
  Where are the Registers of Deeds office?
  How long does it normally take to release a lien?
  I need the State of Michigan to subordinate its lien so that I can sell or refinance my house.
  Can the State of Michigan transfer its lien to another piece of property?
  Why did the State of Michigan file a lien against property that I don't own? I just live there.
  Why did the State of Michigan file a lien against me when I don't have an outstanding debt with the State of Michigan?
  How can I have a lien removed from my property?
  I have an Installment Agreement and have been making timely payments. Why did Treasury take (offset) my refund? Will the offset payment count towards my monthly Installment Agreement payment?
  What is an offset?

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