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Collections/Delinquent Accounts
For questions pertaining to a Levy, Lien, Garnishment or Warrant:
Will the offset payment count towards my monthly Installment Agreement payment?
Will you take my income tax refunds and vendor payments?
I paid this debt but it is still showing up on my credit report.
How long does it normally take to release a lien?
I need the State of Michigan to subordinate its lien so that I can sell or refinance my house.
Can the State of Michigan transfer its lien to another piece of property?
Why did the State of Michigan file a lien against property that I don't own? I just live there.
Why did the State of Michigan file a lien against me when I don't have an outstanding debt with the State of Michigan?
How can I have a lien removed from my property?
Why am I receiving billings while I am in bankruptcy?
I would like to set up an installment agreement on a bankruptcy account.
Why did Treasury keep my income tax refund when I'm in bankruptcy?
Why did I get this bill?
What is an offset?
I want to talk to someone in person about my bill.
What is the Michigan Accounts Receivable Collection System (MARCS) and why do I have to deal with them?
Can I overnight or Fed Ex my payment?
Why am I being held responsible for a corporation's debt?
Where do I send my payment?
What should I do if I cannot pay my debt in full?
I have an Installment Agreement and have been making timely payments. Why did Treasury take (offset) my refund?
What is a Notice of State Tax Lien?
What is the difference between a lien, a levy, a warrant and a garnishment?
What does a tax lien do?
Why did you place a tax lien on my property?
Where are the Registers of Deeds offices located?
Will Treasury accept an Offer in Compromise?
How do I request a penalty waiver?

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+ Locations and Field Offices

+ Corporate Officer Liability

+ Installment Agreements

+ Liens, Levy and Warrants and Garnishments

+ Monies Applied to Pay Your Debt (Offsets)

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