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  Tax Increment Financing
  What is the difference between TIF and TIFA?
  What is the difference between an authority district and a plan?
  What is capture?
  How do we form an authority? How do we amend a plan? Etc?
  May TIF plans capture debt millage?
  Which taxes are considered "school taxes"?
  Can school taxes be captured after proposal A?
  Can non-school taxes be captured after Proposal A?
  What is my plan number?
  What reports do we need to file annually to the State Tax Commission?
  How do I get a form for bulletin 9's annual report (AR)?
  Why can't you use our audited financial statements as our annual report (AR)?
  If we do capture school taxes and are not asking the state for reimbursement, do we have to complete form 2604 (or 2967)?
  If we don't capture school taxes and are not asking the state for reimbursement, do we have to complete form 2604 (or 2967)?
  Can we exclude personal property taxes from capture?
  Can we exclude homesteads from capture?
  What is "other revenue pledged? in Step 7 of form 2604/2967?
  We made a mistake on our submitted form (or the values have changed). What should we do?
  The authority is inactive. What should we do?
  We don't have this authority and never did!
  What is the "initial year" (Step 2 of form 2604 (or 2967)?
  Who is responsible for completing form 2604 (or 2967)?
  What is Opt Out?
  If an LDFA plan contains more than one eligible property, how does it complete form 2604?
  Can a DDA or TIFA plan spend revenue outside of its development area?
  How do I report initial value? How do I report current value?
  Do we calculate captured value property by property, or roll by roll? (for Step 2 of form 2604/2967)
  Why are you auditing my plan?

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