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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Michigan Tax Tribunal?
    Can I call the Tribunal for assistance on my appeal?
    Where can I get a copy of the Tribunal Rules?
    Where can I find the Tax Tribunal Act?
    Where can I get a copy of the Michigan Court Rules?
    How do I begin a case?
    Where do I file my appeal?
    Will you provide me with a copy of forms?
    Can I represent myself at the Tribunal or do I need an attorney?
    If I represent myself, what are my responsibilities?
    What is the Tribunal's procedure for a Small Claims matter?
    What will happen if I file an incomplete petition or file a petition without the required attachments?
    Can I fax or e-mail my forms or documents to you?
    What are the Tribunal's fees for filing a petition or a motion in Small Claims?
    How do I pay the filing fees?
    Is there any way to have the fees waived?
    I have received a copy of the Small Claims answer form from the respondent. What do I do now?
    When will the hearing be scheduled?
    Where will my hearing be held?
    How will I be notified of the hearing?
    What happens at a Small Claims hearing before the Tribunal?
    How can I prove to the Tribunal that my property assessment is excessive?
    What are the requirements for the submission of evidence in a Small Claims matter?
    What if I can't attend the hearing on the date on which it is scheduled?
    How do I withdraw my appeal?
    What if I settle my case before the hearing?
    How long will it take to get a decision on my appeal?
    How do I find out the status of my appeal?
    What if the respondent does not comply with the Tribunal's decision?
    What if I am not satisfied with the decision?
    How does the Tribunal determine the filing date?
    Why does my docket number have an 'R' in it?
    Where would I find a list of frequently used terms?
    What are the jurisdictional limits for Small Claims Division?
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