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  Unclaimed Property
  Payroll Direct Deposit
  Michigan Education Trust

  Unclaimed Property

  What is unclaimed property?
  Why does Michigan have an unclaimed property law?
  Who administers the law?
  Does the State of Michigan ever take ownership of unclaimed property?
  Does the State simply go in and take the money?
  Does a customer have to go to the bank or other business every year to keep the account from becoming dormant?
  What will happen to my investment accounts if I do not maintain contact with my broker or the company in which my funds are invested?
  How can I prevent my property from being turned over to the State?
  Does the State of Michigan auction off unclaimed property?
  Are there any items you do not sell at the auction?
  What is your fax number?
  What is the mailing address?
  Who must file an Unclaimed Property Annual Report?
  What must be reported?
  How do I report?
  When is due diligence required?
  I forgot to do my due diligence, do I hold my report until I get that done?
  Are wires/EFTs accepted?
  What is the reporting due date?
  How do I contact the department for a reporting question?
  How do I request an extension?
  What do I do if I have nothing to report?
  Am I obligated to report and remit unclaimed property to other states?
  Why do companies, banks, and financial institutions have to turn over unclaimed funds to the State Treasurer?
  What happens if a company chooses not to report?
  Do you have a voluntary compliance program?
  I reported a property I shouldn't have, can I get it back?
  Can a holder reimburse a customer or reactivate a customer's account?
  What is the street address for shipments via courier?
  What forms do I need to file?
  What are my holder ID number and branch number?
  What are the cutoff dates for the 2014 report?
  Can Holders deduct fees & due diligence expenses?
  Can out-of-state addresses be included on Michigan's report?
  If I report an aggregate property, who is the owner and what is the last activity date?
  Do aggregate properties count against the 10 property limit for paper reporting?
  Is there a minimum amount that we are not required to report?
  I've created my NAUPA file but my computer cannot save to a disk or CD.
  What do I do if records are not available for certain property types or review periods?
  Why is there a penalty and interest assessment on unclaimed property audits?
  How is interest calculated?
  Why isn't interest included on the annual report forms?
  If past due unclaimed property is voluntarily reported and remitted, will my company be charged with penalties and interest?
  If selected for an audit and audit findings reveal past due unclaimed property, will penalty and interest be charged?
  If an owner just lets his or her account "sit" and accumulate interest or dividends, is it considered active?
  Must a claimant pay a fee to get his or her money back?
  How can a person search for unclaimed property?
  What happens to money that is never claimed by the owner?
  Should an owner hire a fee finder or heir finder?
  Is there a time limit for claiming funds?
  I haven't heard from you in awhile, what should I do?
  How do I contact the department for a claim?